Planning a Family Trip to Rome

Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world. Every year more than 9 million people flock here to experience the unique vibe the sacred city brings.

It is no surprise that Rome is jam-packed with tourists even during off-season. But don’t let this stop you. Rome is a great place to visit with your family. Here are some important tips you can follow when planning a trip to Rome with your family.

Tips for a Wonderful Family Trip in Rome

Going with kids for a holiday? No problem.  We have compiled some useful tips that you can follow to make your Rome tour fun.

Pre-book everything you can.  Rome is quite a busy city with lots of tourists every year. The hotels can be filled without any notice. If you want to have a comfortable stay in Rome, it is important that you make an advance booking.

Pack light. Don’t overpack. Only bring the things that you will need when in Rome such as basic tees, trousers, cameras, and extra batteries.  Make sure to secure your passport and bring medicines for the kids in case of emergencies.

Explain the trip. Introducing kids to the trip and telling them what to expect will help them have a better understanding about the tour.  Take this opportunity to educate them about Rome so when you get there, they can appreciate the things they’ll see.

Ask for child discounts. Most of Rome’s tourist spots offer free pass for kids. That means you can really save money when you travel.Bring snacks. Hungry kids can take the fun out of your entire city tour. Make sure that you bring their favorite snacks so they have something to eat when hunger strikes while riding the bus.

Kid-Friendly Destination in Rome

Rome is fairly blessed with kid-friendly zones. So before you go to Rome, make sure you know where to bring your kids so they will enjoy the tour. Here are some kid-friendly destinations that you can visit in Rome.

·         Explore the Colosseum

·         Climb St. Peter’s Dome

·         Make a wish on the Trevi Fountain

·         Enjoy sightseeing at Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia

·         Let kids run in the park

·         Show your kids the popular Pompeii

Rome is a great place for families looking to have a great vacation. In fact, children under 10 years old can travel free on Rome’s public transport network. Enjoy your travel in Rome!